Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Move to Blogland (And Some Excuses)

It has been exactly one month since I have posted to this blog. And I have many good reasons for that.

1. Finals week just ended on Thursday. I had a Statistics final on Monday and a Biology final on Thursday so I spent the week before and the week of finals studying.

2. As it was finals, classes ended and I had procrastinated on my statistics homework so I spent a lot of time making up homework.

3. I haven't felt real well. As you guys know, I suffer from depression and well... November wasn't a good month.

4. I've been working tediously on college applications, which are due on January 1st but I think I can handle the rest of it now that my personal statement's decided.

5. Yearbook pages are due in a few months and I recently got assigned to do the entire senior protraits pages. As well as I'm in charge of the senior titles (kind of like hall of fame, but everyone gets one) and senior messages. Trying to get quotes and title decisions from 64 procrasinating, uncaring teenagers with serious senioritis is like pulling teeth.

6. My journalism club had a "Holiday Special" (I got to name it) and for nearly fifteen days we had continuous holiday posts so I was focusing on that blog.

7. I've created a new blog. I'm trying to start the year off a little fresher and I decided to start it a little early by creating a new blog. I guess I could have just changed this one all around but I think that would have confused most people.

So, those are my excuses.

Now to elaborate more on number 7...

I've moved my blogging thing over to Hayley in Blogland, which will be more centered on thrifting, writing, trying new things, getting ready for college... at least that's what I plan it to be about.

I'm easily distracted because this blog was supposed to be about my distaste for organized religion and becoming a goth. And out of 122 posts, there are maybe 5 or so posts about goth and less than that on religion.

Anyway, if you want to go over there and follow that blog, I'd be thrilled that you want to stay with me. If you don't, that's okay too (even though that's not particularly thrilling.) Thanks for all the good times.

Hopefully I'll see you guys in Blogland.

Right now, there is only one post and it's my winter break to do list. I'm going to try and blog every day through winter break. You should check it out.

So, if you're moving on: goodbye and thanks for listening. But if you're moving along: I'll see you soon.

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