Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Move to Blogland (And Some Excuses)

It has been exactly one month since I have posted to this blog. And I have many good reasons for that.

1. Finals week just ended on Thursday. I had a Statistics final on Monday and a Biology final on Thursday so I spent the week before and the week of finals studying.

2. As it was finals, classes ended and I had procrastinated on my statistics homework so I spent a lot of time making up homework.

3. I haven't felt real well. As you guys know, I suffer from depression and well... November wasn't a good month.

4. I've been working tediously on college applications, which are due on January 1st but I think I can handle the rest of it now that my personal statement's decided.

5. Yearbook pages are due in a few months and I recently got assigned to do the entire senior protraits pages. As well as I'm in charge of the senior titles (kind of like hall of fame, but everyone gets one) and senior messages. Trying to get quotes and title decisions from 64 procrasinating, uncaring teenagers with serious senioritis is like pulling teeth.

6. My journalism club had a "Holiday Special" (I got to name it) and for nearly fifteen days we had continuous holiday posts so I was focusing on that blog.

7. I've created a new blog. I'm trying to start the year off a little fresher and I decided to start it a little early by creating a new blog. I guess I could have just changed this one all around but I think that would have confused most people.

So, those are my excuses.

Now to elaborate more on number 7...

I've moved my blogging thing over to Hayley in Blogland, which will be more centered on thrifting, writing, trying new things, getting ready for college... at least that's what I plan it to be about.

I'm easily distracted because this blog was supposed to be about my distaste for organized religion and becoming a goth. And out of 122 posts, there are maybe 5 or so posts about goth and less than that on religion.

Anyway, if you want to go over there and follow that blog, I'd be thrilled that you want to stay with me. If you don't, that's okay too (even though that's not particularly thrilling.) Thanks for all the good times.

Hopefully I'll see you guys in Blogland.

Right now, there is only one post and it's my winter break to do list. I'm going to try and blog every day through winter break. You should check it out.

So, if you're moving on: goodbye and thanks for listening. But if you're moving along: I'll see you soon.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Disneyland's Jedi Training is Agist


So I was recently in Disneyland (long drive but worth it, even if it only was for one day) and after getting off Space Mountain for the second time, I saw the most wonderful thing ever: a sign telling the times of Jedi training. I LOVE Star Wars. So much.

My heart did a leap when I saw that sign and that the last training session was in 30 minutes. I even made my own lightsaber at the store and paid $20 for it. I was ready to conquer that Jedi training.

Before I get into my story of obvious agism, I must put forth that the sign they put up indicated no sign of an age limit. I know it's supposed to be meant for kids, but I figure I'm still a kid, being under 18. There was NO AGE LIMIT POSTED. Now, on with the story.

After sitting among a group of kids ages 18 months to 12 years and their parents who were armed and ready with their cameras for half an hour, the people in charge of keeping everything calm prepared us for the "Jedi Masters."

I was the one kid over twelve who cheered when the two Jedi came out. An Asian guy did a bunch of flips and cool karate-Jedi moves with his plastic lightsaber while this other secondary Jedi chick just walked out there and stood there.

Then they started "feeling the force" and picking kids out of the audience for training, saying "the force is strong with this one" every third pick. That "Jedi" picked every single fucking kid, some of whom had probably just learned how to walk, EXCEPT me.

Every kid got picked except me.

I bet at least half of them don't even know who Luke Skywalker is! They probably didn't even know what a Jedi is! They didn't understand anything about Star Wars!

I was really upset after that but because the girl I was with wanted to see the training so we stayed.

And then, after a few moves and an ungodly amount of flashes from the parents's camera, Stormtroopers came out. (The kids picked probably didn't even know that they're the bad guys.)

So, as I obviously wasn't picked to be a Jedi, I started yelling "yeah! Go Dark Side! Go Empire!"

And when Darth Vader and Darth Maul came out, oh my god. The girl I was with (my mom's boyfriend's daughter) and I started bowing down and cheering. We shouted "Go Vader!"

As we were doing that, this secondary Jedi bitch glared at us. She stared at us for a good two minutes, the constipated look on her face never changing. I mean, she didn't have any good skills and now she's glaring at me? Bitch please.

They didn't want me to become a Jedi so I'm going to join the Sith. Deal with it. If you didn't want me joining the Sith, then you should have got me before I became jaded.

You're never too old to start your Jedi training (look at how awesome Luke Skywalker was in Return of the Jedi.)

Anyway, this bitch kept glaring at me and I was getting a little pissed off at her.

Finally it was over and the mini-Jedi graduated and I was able to leave.

I was kind of depressed after that, despite being in the "Happiest Place on Earth" because I really, really wanted to do the training. I felt bad.

So, Disneyland, put an age limit on the sign if you want to be so agist. At least then I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up for becoming a Jedi.

- Hayley C.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get Out of Other's Vaginas

(image via Addicting Info)
I don't usually post on social issues but I think that I'm way too opinionated (especially about this issue) to not post about it.

I live in California in the United States. Far away from Mississippi, one of the most redneck states in the U.S. However, I still get angry whenever people try to tell others how to live no matter if they're telling me directly or to someone I've never met in China.

Mississippi is putting abortion on a ballot, asking whether abortion should be illegal with no exceptions. That means rape and incest victims will not be allowed to get an abortion. So, they're punishing victims by forcing them to have their child. That's like raping the person all over again! Except this time the state government is raping the woman (or girl.)

Prop 26 in Mississippi is bullshit. Some people have ideas, some people have others. So why are some trying so hard to push their beliefs and tell women how to live their lives?

We'll just be going back to the dark ages before Roe vs. Wade because this poison, the poison of forcing others' will on another, most likely will spread. I heard that states such as Florida and Michigan were considering their own version of Prop 26.

The dark ages I'm talking about are the times when young girls would die from either taking hangers to themselves or trying to get some shady makeshift abortion in an alley. They'll be forcing women to search for other ways to get abortions, which are much more dangerous and deadly.

25 years to life for an abortion? And getting rid of a good chunk of the contraceptives currently available?

Get out of other women's vaginas.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

Senior year is kicking my ass. That's my excuse for my absence and I'd say that it's a pretty good one. I think I'm getting a C or something in Biology and that is NOT acceptable for science and I have no clue about Statistics and I need to get an A in all my classes. Fuck my life.

I'm behind on my economics homework, behind on my yearbook pages and behind on NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month.)

I've been working on my school's online magazine because we're planning on having a holiday thing from November 21 to December 15 called The Panthers Present Holiday Special. It's going to be daily posts on everything holiday-related. Does anyone have any idea of stuff the journalism team and I can post?

Sorry for the excuses but I think it was necessary.

My blog is going to take the backseat for November. Just warning you guys. With all my school stuff, college applications, another SAT coming up, and all the emotional issues and shit I've been going through... yeah... but never fear I should be back in December. And I might have a couple occasional November posts but no guarantees.

Thanks for listening to me.
- Hayley C.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November To-Do List


October To-Do List
1. Take the ACT... I don't know how good I did though. I didn't finish any of the sections completely.
2. Finish my personal statement... uh... I still can't decide on the subject!
3. Get a good grade on my next Bio test... I just got the grade today. I got a C. Fuck my life. And I thought that I did so good on this one!
4. Register for Young Arts... I didn't have a good story to submit
5. Finish two chapters of a project... I only finished one.
6. Write two short stories... I'm a horrible procrastinator and every time I try to start a story it becomes a fullblown plan for a novel.
7. Finish reading The Lurker at the Threshold by H. P. Lovecraft... I couldn't finish it. The only reason I started reading it was because my boyfriend-at-the-time loved H.P. Lovecraft. I went on to another book.

November To-Do List
1. Win NaNoWriMo
2. Get caught up in all my classes
3. Finish half of my college applications
4. Get the Panthers Present (my school's online magazine) Holiday Special going
5. Finish reading The Devil in the White City
6. Clean my room
8. Study for the SAT (again)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday the 13things: Halloween Activities for my Future Reference

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting much but things have been so hectic in my life. I might post another thing on that but for right now, I'm just trying to get my Friday the 13things done this week.

I love Halloween and these are all things that I hope I can do in the future. One day I shall be rich and own a ranch and that ranch will be DECKED OUT every Halloween. And maybe a little bit for Christmas. But most definitely Halloween.

A lot of this stuff is things that I hope I'll be able to do in ten or fifteen years with my future children.

13 Halloween Activities for Future Reference

1.   Carve a pumpkin every year

2.  Roast pumpkin seeds

3.  Make Halloween Treats

4.  Host an Annual Halloween show on my ranch (for when I get rich)

5.  Have a Halloween Party every year

6.  Decorate my house (or ranch), going all out

7.   Tell scary stories in the dark

8.  Dress up every year

9.  Watch a scary movie marathon the week before Halloween (including Alfred Hitchcock)

10.               Visit a pumpkin patch

11.                Organize or at least participate in a zombie crawl

12.              Take a frightful family photo

13.              Take a kid (maybe my future kid) trick-or-treating.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blue Hair: Disaster and Redemption

I tried to dye my hair blue on Sunday, as some may know. I know Kitty is aware because we were talking about it on Facebook that day.

Anyway, that day I walked to a garage sale and then went to Walgreens to buy some blue hair dye. I originally wanted green but Walgreens didn't have that nor did they have any other brand other than Splat. So I bought the Splat which was on sale for eight dollars.

I went home and this is what happened:

So naive../ so ready to destroy that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles towel.

After applying the stupid stupid bleach
Disaster with bleach

And now, for the best part: Redemption by my lovely hair salon lady Cindy! After my mom freaked, she made an appointment with Cindy and the genius she is, she fixed it. She bleached streaks of blue and dyed the rest black. I love it! It's even better than expected! The red streak is just a synthetic hair clip that she gave me as a Halloween favor but it still looks really cool with my new hair.